Athletic Training Education Program

ATEP Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (ATEP) degree is earned after completion of a prescribed 123-credit program of studies. This includes George Mason University’s General Education requirements (38 credits), electives (6 credits), and the specific courses (79 credits) listed below in the recommended 4-year academic program plan:

Mason Core (38 credits)

For current list of approved courses: See Mason Core

  • Oral Communication (3)
  • Written Communication (Lower Level) (3)
  • Written Communication (ENG 302 - Nat. Sci. section) (3)
    Prerequisites: 45 credits: C or better in Gen. Ed. comp. and lit.
  • Information Technology (3)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (STAT 250) (3)
    Prerequisites: High School Algebra
  • Arts (3)
  • Global Understanding (3)
  • Literature (3)
  • Natural Science (BIOL 124 and 125) (8)
    Prerequisites: Must be taken in sequence
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (HEAL 230) (3)
  • Western Civilization (3)

NOTE: Since BIO 124, BIO 125, and HEAL 230 are also Professional Concentration requirements the subtotal is 27 credit hours.

Pre-Professional Phase (20 credits)

Students begin the pre-professional phase upon admission to Mason by enrolling in the eleven required prerequisite courses below. Upon successful completion of all pre-professional course work with a grade of C or higher and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, students may advance into the professional phase (two levels) of the program. The following required pre-professional courses satisfy (and are listed with) Mason Core requirements: HEAL 230, BIOL 124, BIOL 125, STAT 250 and are not included in the total pre-professional credit count.

First Year Fall Semester

First Year Spring Semester

Second Year Fall Semester

Second Year Fall Semester

Professional Phase Level (62 credits)

Professional phase levels I-II require concurrent enrollment in didactic, clinical techniques, and practicum clinical education courses. The professional phase requires satisfactory completion of prerequisites, attainment of a grade of C or higher in all ATEP required course work, a minimum cumulative within-major GPA of 3.0, and maintenance of current Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) and First Aid certifications.

Note: All courses must be taken concurrently in the semester they are offered. Practicum courses require a clinical education field experience component.

Professional Courses (Level I) (38 credits)

Second Year Summer Semester

Third Year Fall Semester

Third Year Spring Semester

Professional Courses (Level II) (24 credits)

Third Year Summer Sssion I

Third Year Summer Session II

Fourth Year Fall Semester

Fourth Year Spring Semester

Total: 120 credits